What is it?

Share It! is a site dedicated to help you sharing items with others.

But before sharing anything, you just need to understand 2 basic ideas:

  • Product - The category that has some similar items
  • Item - The item that will be shared. Every item belongs to a Product

Examples: You can create the following Categories/Items

  • Books -> Don Quixote, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  • Matrix Movies -> Matrix 1, Matrix 2, Matrix 3
  • Website Y -> YourAccount*

* Please note that many websites does not allow sharing your account. Read the site EULA before include it here.

Sharing a product/item
  1. Go to the Products page;
  2. Include the Product and click on it;
  3. Include an Item that belongs to that Product and click on it;
  4. Add other people with their subscribed e-mail address.
Using a shared item
  1. Go to the Home page (tip: add this page as a bookmark);
  2. Click on Take to take the item you want to use;
  3. When you finish using it, click on Return button.
Getting alerted when an item is available
  1. Go to the Home page (tip: add this page as a bookmark);
  2. Click on Alert me next the taken item;
  3. The active user will be alerted you want to use it later. When the person return it, you will be notified.

The Home is the main screen where you will going to Take and Return items.

It shows all items that were shared with you or that you are sharing, unless you remove yourself from there.

If the item has a website, the items name will become a link, so you can just click on it to open.

When the item you want is already taken, you are going to see who got it and for how long. So you can identify if the person is still using it or if someone just forgot to return it.

You can also ask to be alerted when the item is available. This will notify the active user that you want to use that item. So the person can return it as soon as they finish using it.


The Products is the screen to include Products and Items.

You can also add users to your items from this screen. To be able to do that you just need to select the item.

When adding a Product, you can specify a webpage (this is optional).